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Triple SeoHan edits.
I miss them :’(

You’re the apple of my eye :) 

I wonder if one day seohan will ever be real, how will (some) Sone/Seomate and EXO/Luhan fans treats their relationship? Good or Bad?

I am no fortune teller. But I can only say one thing. If ever they’d be revealed to be dating, fans’ and general public’s reaction would not be as bad as BaekYeon’s since both are discreet with their relationship.

au meme; seohan as models ↛ “i don’t date coworkers,” seohyun states. although luhan is charming, she’s been in the modeling business long enough to know that getting involved with him would be a bad idea. ”no? that’s too bad,” he responds. seohyun thinks he doesn’t sound too terribly disappointed. “well here’s my number, anyway,” luhan continues with a smile. “you know…just in case.”

Do you think that SeoHan will ever be real? Like in an alternate universe >.< But seriously, do you and why?

If it’s in an Alternate Universe, I’ll definitely say yes. But in reality, in this kind of situation right now, I’d say no. But still, 'ever' being used in your question, there might be a possibility in the future, but right now, I think it’s far from reality. To be honest, I don’t care if they ever become real or not. I love them and that’s enough reason for me to ship them.

Anyway, This is just my opinion. Other admins might say another thing so don’t take my words seriously. Hehe

Seohyun & Hyoyeon supporting Luhan at his soccer match ^^

can you recommend some good seohan fics?

Not necessarily good for everyone else but good in my opinion.

  • My Cold Bride by: BlackPearlYumiko
  • Backstage I & II by: sjhxlh
  • Heart Lines by: Faekyr (I hope you can find a copy of this since the author deleted it on AFF.)
  • Counterbalance Between A Girl And A Boy by: OfSereneNights
  • Stranger in Paris by: PaulinaMei
  • 玫瑰花 {rose} by: seoulemons

These are highly subjective, biased, so you might not find it good the way I do. And other admins might have different opinions too. I didn’t list other fics that I find good since those are mostly one-shots.